Lettere dall’Ungheria di Tommaso Daineri a Ercole I d’Este (1501‒1503)


  • Elena Ferrazzi Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano


This paper aims to present the letters sent by Tommaso Daineri to Ercole I d’Este from Hungary in the period between 1501 and 1503. Daineri was in Hungary as the secretary of Pietro Isvalies, the papal legate who had been sent to Hungary in order to negotiate with king Wladislas II regarding the organization of a crusade against the Ottomans. An anti-Turkish league between the Holy See, Venice and Hungary was actually signed in May 1501 and lasted until the spring of 1503. The letters give updates on the development of the expedition, inform about the most important events of those years and provide descriptions about the geography or about the Hungarian traditions. The essay highlights some meaningful aspects of the letters at the content and linguistic level, after referring briefly to the biography of Daineri and his stay in Hungary.



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Ferrazzi, E. (2021). Lettere dall’Ungheria di Tommaso Daineri a Ercole I d’Este (1501‒1503). Verbum – Analecta Neolatina, 22(2), 385–395. Retrieved from https://verbum.ppke.hu/index.php/verbum/article/view/293